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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Newspaper Giants Buy Web News Monitor:
The Gannett Company, Knight-Ridder Inc. and the Tribune Company are joining forces to buy three-fourths of, a Web site that monitors online news sources. By Katharine Q. Seelye (NYTimes Business)

See the Times story above, or the Topix weblog version.

Topix collects current headlines and story summaries by ZIP code or city name, including Knoxville, and by general topics like US News. You can search for other terms, including state names, and save more complicated searches you make often. Here's Tennessee; here's Tennessee+Business.

I've had a Topix link on my class website, but haven't emphasized it much. It's worth a look.

You can visit the past month's headlines on the Web, have the latest story summaries sent to you by e-mail,  or subscribe with an RSS reader. Clicking a headline takes you  to the original story, not to an abbreviated version at Topix.

A quick look at the Topix Knoxville page today shows links to local stories from the  News Sentinel, the Maryville Daily Times, WATE, WIMZ, WMZ and other broadcasters' websites, a dateline-Knoxville TVA-related AP story (via Connecticut's Stamford Advocate), and other Knoxville-related stories (often from AP) passed along by sources as diverse as,, ("The daily gay newspaper online") and ("The  source for law enforcement").
Incidentally, the ABC/AP story was about an online media venture close to home:  E.W. Scripps Co.'s Knoxville-based Home & Garden Television has created, a site aimed at builders and contractors, featuring short videos, chat areas and more.

Speaking of old media, new media and startups, if you want to create your own "personal media" online news site or video archive, the new promises an amazing range of free services for grassroots creative publishing.

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