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Saturday, March 19, 2005

What did President Bush say about fake TV news last week? See excerpts from Bush's Wednesday Comments on Video News Releases

What is Garry Trudeau's interpretation of his remarks? If your curious, read this: 'Doonesbury' Cartoonist: Bush 'Apparently Thinks Propaganda's OK'

Folks who read Editor & Publisher, the newspaper industry trade weekly, are interested in those stories. They're also interested in these two:
New on the Wire: AP to Offer Two Leads to Some Stories
Study: Media Outlets Self-Censored Iraq-Invasion Coverage

I know readers are interested because Editor & Publisher, the newspaper industry weekly, has an RSS feed offering headlines in four reader-interest categories, and those stories showed up in all four:

(By the way, there's also a story on the new online ideas being explored by the Greensboro, NC, News & Record, headlined "Letting the Blogs Out." I wonder how many readers need to click on it to make the top three.)

Some enterprising grad student should be able to get a master's thesis by analyzing the subtle differences between those four listings, over time.

But why does the magazine offer such similar audience-analysis focused categories of headline feeds? Why not topics that come up frequently in the paper, like "media ethics," "covering Washington," "covering business," "newspaper circulation" or "industry innovations"?

Maybe those will come later. For now, I wonder if the choice of feed categories has anything to do with RSS feeds turning up throughout the holdings of E&P's parent corporation, VNU, a multi-billion-euro Dutch conglomerate that owns A.C. Nielsen and other marketing and audience-watching enterprises, as well as technology publications and media-insider magazines like E&P, Billboard, AdWeek, MediaWeek and The Hollywood Reporter.

You can add a ".com" to any of those publication names, or see the growing list of publication feeds at VNUemedia. If you're more of a geek, check out the feeds for VNUnet, the corporation's tech news site, with its own collection of blogs including Silicon Valley Sleuth. And if you're an RSS-watcher, see last month's press release about VNU getting together with NewsGator, an RSS-aggregator company.

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