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Friday, April 1, 2005

This new time-saving innovation in blogging comes from ibiblio, an organization loosely affiliated with the University of North Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

I haven't read the whole article yet, but I assume Paul Jones and his crew will come up with a range of journalistic applications for Bloggy, which seems especially well-suited to grassroots reporting.

Bloggy's design also appears to have features in common with Apple's new nanotech project.

8:06:05 PM    

The link below is not an April Fool joke. It's not about Knoxville. And it's not about blogging (or is it?) or newspapers or reporting, and that about covers all of my usual topics here. It's just something to read.

Having heard so many horror stories about travelers' lost luggage, I just thought this little anecdote from my old neck of the woods was charming. My Dad, who spent years in hotel management, would have enjoyed it.

By the way, I wound up at Molly's site by pure Web serendipity. I was using Google to track down references to the song, "They Say It's Spring," right after hearing it on NPR this evening.

Molly mentioned the song exactly a year ago, a coincidence that prompted me to check out her latest postings, which include her "All's Well" story from New Haven.

By the way, a little bit of the song can be heard here, which is where I heard it on NPR, or here, along with "It might as well be spring" and "A fine spring morning." I hadn't heard Blossom Dearie in years... wonderful if you're in an uptown piano-jazz-&-vocal mood.

(Why that song kicked in as a transition after David Edelstein's "Sin City" review is another question. Slightly different tone: "I loved every gorgeous sick, disgusting, ravishing, overbaked, blood-spurting artificial frame of it." )

7:47:18 PM    

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