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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Things I don't dare look at this weekend because I know I'd be hooked into browsing away the day... I've already spent hours at Wikipedia compulsively editing pages I know at least a little about, while getting ready for a radio interview on Sunday on an old favorite topic of mine. These will have to wait, even though I'll want to mention them in class sometime... (Text below is all from the sites' RSS feeds.)

OJR Journalism Wiki.
The Online Journalism Review has started a journalism wiki. What is Wiki you ask? Although it's been around for a while not (you may be familiar with WikiPedia), OJR describes it as, "A wiki is an article, like an encyclopedia entry, but that any reader can add to or edit. " Very cool, imho. They break it up into three main sections; Ethics, Reporting, and Writing.
[from J-Log]

Apple 1, Indie Journalists 0.

California's 'shield' law does not protect websites that publish scoops based on illegal tips from corporate insiders, a judge rules, ordering a trio of online reporters to reveal their confidential sources to the Mac maker.
[from Wired News]

The Media Giraffe Project

...hosted by the journalism faculty at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and funded by private donations, will be spotlighting individuals making innovative use of media to foster participatory democracy and community. Beginning in March, the year-long research effort will seek, identify and profile individuals "sticking their necks out" using media to achieve more citizen involvement and accountability in government.
[from Bill Densmore at Newshare via unmediated]

Is It News or Public Relations? Under Bush, Lines Are Blurry.
Prepackaged television news segments were broadcast on local stations without any acknowledgement of the government[base ']s role in their production. By Davod Barstow and Robin Stein.
[NYT > Home Page]

New clean air plan would hit TVA's pocketbook hard .
Sulfur emissions that lead to acid rain and haze would be cut by half in Tennessee by 2015 and nitrogen oxide emissions that lead to ozone and smog would be cut by 80 percent.
[from - News] [Other pointers and discussion over at SKBubba's place]

Across U.S., Citizens Fight for Records
FALL RIVER, Mass. (AP) -- Ed Lambert, Al Lima and Mike Miozza never thought of themselves as activists, just regular guys. Then an energy company announced plans to build a liquefied natural gas terminal in this small community on the Taunton River. The men - the mayor, a city planner and an engineer - had nightmare visions of gas igniting into a huge fireball on the river, and asked for government-held reports that studied the threat to the town if the plant or a tanker were attacked....
From [Associated Press]

Neighborhood Conference
Join Mayors Bill Haslam and Mike Ragsdale for Knoxville/Knox County's Second Annual Neighborhood Conference April 23, 2005 at 8 a.m. at the Knoxville Convention Center - 2nd Floor Park Concourse.
[From City of Knoxville]

Speaking of neighbors, here's something from my old neighborhood...

UConn seeded in unfamiliar territory
For the first time in 11 seasons, the Huskies did not win the Big East regular season title. For the first time in 11 years, the Huskies aren't the No. 1 seed in the Big East Tournament. Although the Huskies have had problems all season, this is the first big streak that has ended.
[From Connecticut Daily Campus]

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