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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I'm doing a lot of catching-up this week, but will stick a few items on this page between non-Web projects.

Journalists used fewer anonymous sources last year -- This link to a New York Times story on the Project for Excellence in Journalism's 500-page State of the Media annual report is here to remind me to mention both in class next week. The report, and more stories about it, are at Among its other topics, the report notes a trend toward "faster, looser and cheaper" forms of journalism, including weblogs.

Back to the subject of anonymous sources, Washington Post media-watcher Howard Kurtz reports that USA Today cut its use of unnamed sources by 75 percent under policies created after a scandal over fabricated stories. Now the rule is a reporter has to identify a source to a managing editor and explain why anonymity is appropriate.

Wikis go to college -- Another Washington Post article reviews the growing popularity of collaboratively-edited Web pages in education. They're called "wikis," as the article mentions, but the headline says "Blogging Clicks with Colleges." (That's also mentioned in the article, but it's old news. As the reporter says, "Blogs already have seeped into everyday life on campus.")

Hypermedia: Why now? -- Jon Udell collects his thoughts about online multimedia, including podcasting and screencasting, as an O' column.

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