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Friday, February 25, 2005

Videoblogger Steve Garfield brought his camera to last week's Berkman Center Thursday night blogger meeting -- and so did PBS's Nightline. Notice that although Steve edited the video, he provides a full audio file for visitors who want to get a sense of the whole meeting. Imagine if Nightline or local broadcast news sites did that!

Steve provides nice behind-the-scenes shots of the TV crew at work, and comprehensive "how I did it" notes, but also caught a meeting that I wish I'd been able to attend.

(I miss my old friends after being part of those sessions at Berkman for a year. But Steve also has a video of his snowblower at work; I'll have to remember to get some pictures of the optimistic willow that's starting to bud outside my office this week.)

Part of the discussion at Berkman was about how journalists handle "off the record" or "on the record" information, and whether bloggers should play by the same rules. Some of the folks in these Berkman meetings have "pro" as well as blogger credentials, including Rebecca MacKinnon, formerly with CNN in Japan and China. Steve added names to the talking heads in his clip... You can check out the Thursday meeting aggregator for samples of some of their blogs.

Steve's also featured in a New York Times piece on vlogging, which I mentioned the other day on my Podcasts and Video page. It also has a link to a how-to-podcast video by Lisa Williams, another voice at that meeting.

Speaking of podcasting and the Times, see John Markoff's article about one of the creators of Blogger looking for a commercial spin on podcasting. 

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