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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

After his visits to North Carolina and South Carolina, big-city blogger Dave Winer has a thoughtful essay on Blogging for small city newspapers.

The small-newspapers idea would also extend to television stations. Are there many TV-journalist-as-blogger folks? I've always thought personal Web publishing by TV news people made sense. TV reporters are already more visible than newspaper folks, so they might feel more at home in a personal blog -- and they're so constrained by on-air time limits and the need for visual stories that they probably have more worth sharing in their notebooks.

(Behind the scenes producers and photojournalists likewise.) Like small- newspaper reporters, these folks are spread pretty thin already, but maybe some enlightened managers could give them time to blog if they saw it as a way to connect with the viewer community.

In Tennessee, TV folks are taking an interest in blogging, with Channel 2 hosting both a blogroll and a get-together. Links from the event have prompted me to bookmark Pomo blogger Terry Heaton of The TV station's blogging morning news anchor, Neil Orne, mentions Heaton as a resource. Here's a post of the News2's coverage of the blog meeting, thanks to Paul Chenoweth.

Coincidentally, Poynter Institute's Julie Moos, formerly of, has a nice piece on blogging for community journalism. She asks good questions:

Whose stories are untold using conventional reporting methods? Whose voices are we leaving out of traditional newspapers and newscasts? Who feels alienated by media coverage of their lives?

On the other hand, I've always liked the tune "Take me back to Tulsa," but the Tulsa World doesn't seem to get with the whirl of blogging, sending a bigfoot-lawyer letter to a blogger telling him to remove "unauthorized links."

Steve Yelvington sums things up nicely: "The real enemy of newspapers is apathy. Newspapers need people to care about what they cover. Blogs can help with that. Newspapers should be working with blogs, not trying to silence them."

Updated Feb. 17

3:02:44 PM    

I missed the blogging discussion on Charlie Rose Tuesday night, although the list of people sounds awfully 2004:

GLENN REYNOLDS, University of Tennessee
ANDREW SULLIVAN, Senior Editor, The New Republic
JOE TRIPPI, Former Campaign Manager for Howard Dean
Author, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" /

Charlie's site will sell me a videotape..., or I can find blogger bits... Maybe they'll inspire Charlie to do a segment on Podcasting and Fair Use.

2:14:08 PM    

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