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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Next month (March 9, my earlier date was an error), the Media Center of the American Press Institute is bringing together folks from the print-journalism/online borderlands for a free Webcast panel discussion about "The Vanishing Newspaper."

One of the panelists, Phil Meyer, has just published a book by that title. Here's a summary of the theme from the Media Center (bold added):

Meyer poses the question: Why are U.S. newspapers "vanishing?" Why is their social and commercial influence on the decline? One reason is because the American public is losing faith in their ability to be fair arbiters of national discourse and honest recorders/ interpreters of community and national life. Another reason is that alternative avenues of information are gaining momentum, most notably on the Internet. The result has been declining newspaper readership and share of advertising dollars.

The Vanishing Newspaper webcast will look at how historic mass-media institutions can use new communications trends and tools to make credibility and public service once again integral parts of their mandate, thereby turning threat into the means by which the business model transforms into one more suitable for the connected society.

Other panelists are online and offline editors, including Tim Porter, who has been giving Phil's book a critical reading and posting comments in his blog, First Draft. The moderator will be BuzzMachine blogger Jeff Jarvis, president of, which oversees Internet strategy for Advance Publications, Inc., including CondeNast magazines and regional newspaper sites.

According to the site's announcement, "Media Center events are always interactive. The audience will participate in polls as well as post questions, thoughts, ideas and comments throughout the event."

Details and discussion questions are here.

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