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Friday, February 18, 2005

I usually don't do this until Sunday... but I only have time for a quick scan of the news aggregator today, and may not be back to the computer this weekend. So here are the things I don't have time to read in detail... (These are verbatim summaries from RSS syndication feeds, for anyone who's new to this stuff.)

Podcast boosts NPR show's audience.

After WNYC launched the first podcast of an NPR program in January, NPR's On the Media, the station's nationally-broadcast media analysis show, has doubled the amount of listeners it reaches online in just four weeks. On the Media says its podcast audience now rivals the number of individuals that listen to the program in a mid-sized media market like St. Louis or Kansas City...

"Podcasting is a remarkable boon for local radio broadcasts," said Phil Redo, VP of Station Operations and Strategy, in a statement. "This easy-to-access, easy-to-use technology allows local programming to transcend the limitations of both traditional radio and online streaming, by allowing users to plug into great programming from far-flung places, anytime, anywhere."

from the blog called [unmediated]

Volunteer Tailgate Party.

The latest edition of the Volunteer Tailgate Party, a collection of great blogging from around the Rocky Top Brigade, is hosted this week by Thomas at Newsrack. Check it out.

pointer from [SouthKnoxBubba]

Now it's serious: air pollution is bad for business

Seems like folks in East Tennessee are getting serious about air pollution -- now that it might affect business. Never mind that Knoxville is the worst city in the U.S. for asthma sufferers. and that air pollution is destroying the Smoky Mountains National Park. When it starts affecting business, it's serious. According to the KNS...

summary & comments at [SouthKnoxBubba]

Sharing our tool-using behavior using screencasts.
Last January, when I first wrote about the medium that I've since come to call screencasting, it seemed an odd-enough topic that I felt obliged to justify it to my editor.
A year later it's clear that my instincts weren't leading me astray. I'm now using screencasts -- that is, narrated movies of software in action -- to showcase application tips, capture and publish product demonstrations, and even make short documentaries. And I'm seeing others around the Net starting to do the same...
From Jon's Radio [Full story at]

No Protection for Bloggers.

Do bloggers, the self-described citizen journalists, deserve the same protections under the law that mainstream reporters do? The question is probably moot, but it's not because blogging is relatively new. Commentary by Adam L. Penenberg.

From [Wired News]

Teenage driving accident rate drops.

Leon Fooksman, John Maines and Chris Kahn of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel used state and federal data to show that "in Florida, the rate of car crashes for drivers between ages 15 and 19 dropped 23 percent from 1996 to 2003..."

From Investigative Reporters & Editors [Extra! Extra!]

Opinion Radars.

As early as the eighties Peter Drucker perceived for the post-capitalist society a re-validation of knowledge work, which soon would become everyone's business...
Todays transformation of old school information-specialists into RSS-newsmasters and value-adding Enterprise RSS-Radars seems to fit quite well into that picture.Marco Montemagno coined a new concept for productive use of what he calls 'opinion radars'. Marco captured some trendy tools in his posting 'Opinion Radars: a quick and easy way to aggregate bloggers' opinions ?'

From SmartMobs

Laurels for Giving the Internet Its Language.

The Association for Computing Machinery plans to announce that Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn will receive the 2004 A. M. Turing Award for creating the underpinnings of the Internet. By Katie Hafner.

From [The New York Times]

 The cost of ethics: Influence peddling in the blogosphere

As blogging comes of age, what ethical standards should bloggers follow when offered payments or freebies -- aka "schwag" -- for buzz?
... If bloggers are paid by a corporation to write about the company, they[base ']re no longer acting as amateur journalists. Journalists cannot and do not accept payments from sources.

By JD Lasica in Online Journalism Review

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