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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Some news reports call the color "saffron" and others "golden," depending on the angle of the sunlight, but a few white capital T's are all it would take to turn the $20 million art installation called "The Gates" in Central Park into a great Volunteer tailgating extravaganza.

Go to  RocketboomThe pleated curtains hanging from goalpost-shaped frames also could use a checkerboard pattern here or there. The New York Times photos (see the "Multimedia" link) are pretty. For a more casual "walk-through" approach, check out the Rocketboom videoblog (streaming Quicktime movie)... I like the visual irony at the end, even without a Tennessee twist... blending in some orange construction signs and a Home Depot commercial.

But maybe Amanda & the other Rocketboomers will dig up a recording of Rocky Top to add to their next story on The Gates. Or maybe the Tennessee Alumni Association can put in a bid for the whole shebang! Perhaps Cristo and Jeanne-Claude could get a healthy artistic tax deduction by donating $20 million worth of orange flags and goalposts to UT? That gear would fit right in with the Pride of the Southland Band's big T -- from Big Apple to Big Orange.

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