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Monday, May 30, 2005

When not shouldering a local news TV camera, Stewart Pittman blogs from North Carolina as "lenslinger," giving a professional's take on the spread of photo and video blogs and telling stories-behind-the-stories, from yesterday's Strawberry Fields Endeavor (yes, he does have fun with words as well as pictures) to this tribute to a fallen soldier and the young man's mother.

(The latter piece was posted back in February. It's just a coincidence that I stumbled on it on Memorial Day, after following a link to his blog from I forget where...)

Here's a bit of his essay on the growth of amateur personal photojournalists:

From Tripod Row, the view's indeed a little scary. Squinting civilians peering into tiny lenses, breaking bedrock principles of camera-handling with every unnecessary sweep and pan. No one expected the democratization of media to be pretty, but the attendant lens abuse is enough to break this cinematographer's heart. But that ship has sailed...

In the comments at the end of that post, lenslinger says he's just pointing out the new possibilities in what the pros call "ENG" (Electronic NewsGathering). He adds, "That I openly acknowledge and wonder out loud about the looming change separates me from many in my immediate industry... I'm all for a media revolution, I'm just trying to figure out my place in the field."

To see what other folks in that field are talking about, visit Stew's blogroll (the right column of his weblog), which has categories for "Electronic Newsgathering" and "Photogs Who Blog," as well as a collection of other North Carolina bloggers.

I'll have to browse around the Rocky Top Brigade for Tennessee television camerafolk. (The closest I've come to the topic recently is a collection of links headed Blogging tips for newspaper folks, and a TV example, which actually has several TV examples. As for amateur online video, see my podcasts & videoblogs background page. )

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