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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Darn. I missed it. I knew I should have gone down to WDVX for the lunch-hour concert today.

8:27:00 PM    

Catching up with the RSS newsfeeds... Sites and stories that I want to bookmark here on the blog for possible use in classes in the fall, or just to remind myself to go back and read the details:

Big Media Has the Hots for Blogs.
Reuters: Established media don't regard blogs as a direct threat to their ad models -- yet. But they are flirting with the format, fearing their news could be upstaged by the unbridled mix of opinion and humor offered by individual... [via Micro Persuasion]

Flaming Lips and Biven's scoop on Chesney and Zellweger WBIR in Knoxville has a blogger, Katie Allison Granju, "about media, books, music, movies, television, people, personalities and life from scenic East Tennessee. Updated daily, except when it isn't."

Craig's List Founder Ponders Citizen Journalism. Craig Newmark, founder of, has been talking with Dan Gillmor and Jeff Jarvis about citizen journalism. Newmark told the Associated Press he's interested in it. [Thanks to J for saving the link to a story I'd read and knew I'd get around to mentioning here.]
"But he believes the reason why newspapers are losing circulation is that too many traditional journalists are willing to quote politicians and business executives even if they're blatantly lying -- merely for the sake of perceived objectivity. He'd prefer an "open source" model of journalism where legions of volunteers act as writers, assignment editors and fact checkers to challenge mainstream journalists."
Huffington Uber-Blog Launches. "The Huffington Post has launched and it's part-Drudge (though from a different perspective), part blog of blogs. It's obviously version 1.0, which means you should give it time to settle down. The great Harry Shearer will Eat the Press -- this could be fun. Overall, the site seems to be aiming at the role of op-ed page of the Net. I'm watching with great interest, and reading some of it, too." [That's Dan Gillmor's item on the launch.]

Dan also had a toast to Dave Winer on his 50th birthday (belated congrats. Dave):

I still remember the moment I saw a big piece of the future. It was mid-1999, and Dave Winer called to say there was something I had to see.

He showed me a web page. I don't remember what the page contained except for one button. It said, Edit this Page -- and, for me, nothing was ever the same again.

While I was grading final exams in Knoxville, Dave and an awful lot of other folks were in Nashville for the first Tennessee Bloggercon. SouthKnoxBubba didn't get from Knoxville to there either, conferences being tough on the ol' anonymity, but he put up a bunch of links. So did blogging journalists Rebecca MacKinnon and Staci Kramer. Sorry I missed seeing them again. Here are more, and many, many more links from the weekend.  Glenn Reynolds was there from UT...  (Law School exams were earlier than my School of Journalism & Electronic Media.) After an apparently disagreeable session (and too many follow-up blogs & e-mails) about alternatives to blogger disagreement, he points to two olive branches to come out of the thing.

Finally, two video blog items inspired by a visit to the blog called "unmediated."
Video Blogs in iTunes? The new version of iTunes (4.8) just came out and it now supports video. So it looks like we're getting one step closer to use iTunes as a way to view video blogs and TV-like content (or whatever Apple has planned too). The next podcasting applications like iPodder will likely support ways of getting the videos in an easy way automatically (I'm guessing that it might work now, I just downloaded iTunes 4.8 a minute ago). Here are some screen shots of the video UI elements that were added. Link.

The Associated Press has finally discovered one of my favorites, Rocketboom with host, Amanda Congdon. At ABC News website the wire service headline has a nice irony under the ABC News logo:

"'Rocketboom,' Daily Webcast Staged As Mini-Newscast,
May Be Future of Broadcast Journalism."

(Way to go, Amanda!) [Thanks to unmediated, again, for linking to the ABC version.]

Enough for now... The catching up with a couple of weeks of headlines will resume tomorrow.

[updated 5-11]

4:15:44 PM    

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