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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Print Insists It's Here to Stay. The newspaper and magazine industries are mounting PR and ad campaigns to assure advertisers and investors that dead-tree media will be around even after California floats into the Pacific and the Cubs win the World Series.

The New York Times reprints cute ad-campaign Newsweek and Sports Illustrated covers for those two 100-years-from-now stories. (Another future Newsweek headline: "Clones in the Military: Don't Ask -- Don't Tell.") Full story at NYT > Technology

Toward the end, the Times article quotes a magazine executive saying that people find TV and Web ads intrusive, while "magazine readers often see ads as helpful and as part of the magazine experience."

He may be right, but the line reminded me of the 1995 article "How to Read Wired Magazine" in the early, edgy and sadly-departed webzine called  (Nice to see its archives are still there.) It had its own approach to magazine advertising, which might be summarized as "A fish, a barrel, a smoking gun ...and a can of spray-mount adhesive."

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