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Saturday, January 22, 2005

I mentioned in my weblog a few days ago that the CBS "memogate" fiasco could be used as a "bad example" for classroom discussion. Now I've stumbled on a Poynter Institute essay that does just that.

Meanwhile, exploring the "On the Media" website because of its new podcast, I found a transcript (and audio) of an earlier story about NPR radio news editing, Pulling Back the Curtain. The backstage peek may comfort many of us who wish we spoke as clearly as NPR interviewers and guests. On the other hand, it might disturb folks who think they're hearing exactly what was said.

For tips on doing live interviews, whether for broadcast or print, read Neal Conan's Poynter presentation, The Art of the Interview and these New York Times interview tips for young journalists.

On a related topic, a Canadian reporter is experimenting with communal online audio news editing... while interviewing Dan Gillmor, a reporter developing more ideas about the weblog-influenced future of news media.

Finally, for possible use in my class (even after our two-week-late textbook is delivered), here's a resource page from the American Press Institute with more links to sites about Reporting & Interviewing Techniques.

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