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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Heartaches of Journalist Bloggers. Writers who work for mainstream publications while operating personal weblogs face an inherent conflict of interest. Usually, the blogs suffer, according to commentary by Adam Penenberg. [Wired News]

Trouble for Blogger Journalists. The Electronic Freedom Foundation is defending bloggers who reported Apple new product rumors and were sued by Apple. [EFF Press Room and Berkman Center]

Blogging, Journalism & Credibility at Harvard, a by-invitation conference faces these questions: "To both journalism and blogging, credibility is essential. What are the areas of common ground shared by these very different approaches to handling news and information? Can journalists who also blog do their work without conflicting standards? Might bloggers adopt standards and a transparency that will elevate their credibility?" 

Videoblogs Break Out with Tsunami Scenes is a Wall Street Journal account of amateur videographers sharing digital clips of the Indian Ocean disaster through weblogs. It notes that earlier "vlogging" breakthroughs included clips from network TV -- Ashlee Simpson caught lip synching on "Saturday Night Live," and Jon Stewart's confrontation with the hosts of "Crossfire," reportedly downloaded by more people than saw it on CNN.
(The story, which does not require a paid subscription to the WSJ site, is also a good classroom example of WSJ-style news-feature writing... I hope it's still available when my spring class is ready for it. If not, there will be others.)

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