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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sorry, but I've let this site become a Web "cobweb" over the years, instead of ever launching the folk music podcast I hoped to create here.  I do have a few more black & white photos that I took at folk festivals and dance camps 25 or 30 years ago, and as I get them scanned, I may put them here.

By the way, that's Elizabeth Cotten playing the banjo upside-down and left handed... and Paul Brown (now of NPR news) playing right-side up.  Unfortunately, it's sad news that had me thinking of those photos and this neglected Web page tonight... I just learned that guitarist, teacher and instrument builder John Pearse passed away a couple of months ago. (http://www.jpstrings.com)

I met him at Pinewoods camp -- and bought my first mandolin from him -- the same summer I took the picture of Paul. I looked through my old photo albums, but there are no shots of John. However, his guitar playing is well documented in books, his video taped lessons and records... and there's a drawing of him on every pack of John Pearse guitar strings.

"Music really does make the world a better place," as his Web site says, and he certainly did his part to make that true.  

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