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Friday, October 22, 2004

More than a dozen things that make me feel welcome in Knoxville:

  • The Gillian Welch concert at the Bijou while I was in town for the job interview.
  • The two professors at UT who wrote textbooks I had used when teaching in Boston, not to mention having one of my best friends from 130 Beacon St. relocate to Circle Park Drive a year before me.
  • Having another UT prof remember something I wrote in 1997.
  • Finding, KnoxNews and MetroPulse online while I was back waiting for a job offer in Massachusetts.
  • Discovering that the city's website is a pretty good one, and even has an RSS feed.
  • The housing-search advice from SouthKnox Bubba and several kind folks he pointed me to.
  • Flying from Boston and being met at McGee-Tyson Airport by the very friendly driver of a car marked "Fenway Taxi." (I bet he has a great weekend for tips!)
  • The Wells Fargo mortgage consultant who drove me around to a dozen renovation projects just to give me ideas about putting down roots.
  • The Maplehurst Inn, whose proprietor arranged to have a local apartment manager meet me for breakfast my first day in town.
  • The neighbor who not only helped me park the moving truck, but came back to help unload it! He also turned out to work at a terrific restaurant, Tomato Head.
  • The other neighbor who strolled by the window playing a fiddle and invited me to a Friday night jam session in South Knoxville.
  • Hearing a charming Irish accent saying "good morning" from the next office cubicle.
  • Finding Moon Pies in the vending machine outside my office door, a great reminder of Chapel Hill's Jim Shumaker, editorial model for the comic character Shoe.
  • Being added to the Rocky Top Brigade today! (And I like being ambiguous with SKB about my "CYB" comment signature... short for either Connecticut Yankee or Carolina Yankee Bob.)
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