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Friday, April 16, 2004

Caught Sampling Weblogs and News Sites Again

For a friend who hasn't used an RSS feed reader, doesn't see the advantage over browsing from site to site with Internet Explorer... and who can't be here to look over my shoulder: These are individual items from some of the newsfeeds that flow into my aggregators.

I was able to snag them pretty quickly from the 200 or so items that had accumulated in the past 24 hours, based on "just" 30 news sources. With luck, I'll come back and read the full stories. With even more luck, I'd find time to "blog" a bit about them, but that probably won't happen today.

I did say "aggregators" (plural): I have more than a dozen of them running on two computers as a test. On my Macintosh, I'm using Radio (which also publishes this blog), NetNewsWire and Shrook. On my Windows machine... well, I'll save that story for later.

There are more examples of newsfeed items on the group and individual aggregator pages at the Harvard weblog site. (I'm really getting to dislike the cumbersome word "aggregator," enough to not notice when I start to spell it with two a's, on the way to "aggravator." Is that a sign of information overload?)

Anyhow... In the rest of today's items below, the square brackets mark the original feed sources. All of the indented blocks are verbatim. The pound signs or sharps are coded to give a unique "permalink" address for each item. That's in case you want to bookmark or link to an individual story. (Although each piece automatically gets a "comment" link, any comments really should go to the authors of the original items.)

I feel a bit guilty just reposting quoted material like this, some second or even third-hand links, without having time to read all the details and add my own reactions instead of putting them all here as an attention-deficit "to-do" list. But it's not sinful, it's Syndication, one of the S-words in "RSS." And, even when I'm in a hurry, it's Really Simple.

1:09:05 PM    

Introduction to Blogs and Blogging - Michael Stach, techLearning. Think of the words we use when introducing a new assignment. Sometimes they can create counter-productive images in the minds of students. For example, imagine saying to a class of seventh-graders, "Today we are going to write a diary." For adolescent [Educational Technology]

12:58:23 PM    

Onion Taken Seriously, Film at 11. People continue to mistake The Onion's stories as real news -- partly because the stories are so deadpan, partly because people are desperate to validate their twisted beliefs. Whatever the reason, the folks at The Onion just laugh and laugh. By Daniel Terdiman. [Wired News]

12:56:21 PM    

You're Published. Now the Fun Begins? Think Again.. Robin Robertson, a Scottish poet and editor, solicited authors' reminiscences about their most humiliating moments for a book. By Dinitia Smith. [New York Times: Books]

12:55:08 PM    

Making the News: Draft of Chapter 9. This is a draft of Chapter 9 of my upcoming book, "Making the News." [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]

12:53:47 PM    

They Want to Learn to Blog. Leonard Witt writes over at PJNet: "Sometimes when I get talking about the weblogs, some people's eyes seem to glaze over and I am never quite sure what level of interest there is in blogs. But when 35 faculty and staff members sign up on a campus at the end of a semester, that's a good sign. The word is out and people want to get involved." [unmediated]

12:50:40 PM    

Citizens Can Improve Your Media Company. Here is my first draft of a one pager of ideas for how participatory journalism can help change and improve news media companies. It is part of a follow-up request from the organizers of the MediaMorphosis conference, which I attended...[ unmediated]

12:38:43 PM    

The Christian Science Monitor Writes about Blogs. Gregory M. Lamb reports about some of the trends in blogging, interviews a few blog experts, and speculates about the future of blogging. He also plugs BloggerCon this weekend. (Thanks, EW!) [j's scratchpad]

12:36:35 PM    

A New Search Engine from...Amazon. Last October, Amazon set up A9 in San Jose, CA, a stealth mode company that would say only that it intended to focus on search technologies. Now ... By Wade Roush. [Technology Review RSS Blog Feed]

12:35:23 PM    

Bush-Cheney Web site drove e-mails to FEC about ruling. Andrew Mollison of Cox News Service performed a statistical analysis on e-mail comments submitted to the Federal Election Commission in advance of a ruling on political committees, finding that "roughly 48 percent arrived through a feature on the Bush-Cheney Web... [Extra! Extra!]

12:30:13 PM    

Blogs power the journalism revolution. Weblog success fuelled by distrust of mainstream media, says blogging firm [dotJournalism]

12:27:32 PM    

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