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Sunday, April 7, 2002

At my college we have a Web server named "Pages." The name doesn't seem to bother most folks, but I find it awfully annoying to try to explain things like putting your (Web) "pages" on a local disk, then moving your pages to "Pages." I've been saying for years that I wish they'd called it "Fred."

So now I'm using a program called Radio that isn't one, just when actual "online radio" is being threatened by music-industry licensing issues. Radio stations have been on the Web since the fall of 1994. (I know, because a guy who sat next to me in media law class helped put WXYC online, somewhere between the lectures on libel law and copyright law that semester.)

Meanwhile, my current college has its own terrific radio station, WERS, and its Web page is online even if its signal isn't. My department teaches broadcast journalism as well as the print and online "digital convergence" of all of the above -- which is why I'm looking at Weblogs and their relationship to other forms of news reporting and commentary.

Anyhow, having something called Radio on my desktop that isn't AM or FM makes me wonder whether its creator, Dave Winer, should have come up with another name for his brainchild. That would spare his blood pressure from rising at headlines like this one: "Internet Radio in Jeopardy."
3:56:21 PM    

How many Weblogs does one weblogger need? I feel a woodchuck in there someplace...

However, I'm encouraging my students to do class-work logs, so I'm trying various packages that help that process to one degree or another. I'll be making a major logs-in-class push in the fall, but I'm easily distracted by new software, including Radio.

Until I decide whether to use Radio regularly, here's a page I did about logging last year:

Since I've already used Manila, Blogger, Trellix and my own flat-file HTML pages, I do want to see what Dave Winer has written about crossing over between log tools:
2:36:15 PM    

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