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Originally for Prof. Phil Meyer's students

Back when I was writing for a daily newspaper, I stumbled on a book called Precision Journalism by Phil Meyer, who had the interesting idea that journalists should use computers as data analysis tools, not just typesetters or word processors. Twenty years later, I wound up working for Prof. Meyer for the 1996-1997 school year as a graduate research assistant. Among other projects, I created his first home page, including an online syllabus for each of his courses and a collection of links related to his research interests.

These pages were done with simple tools, such as the university's Simple Start template for faculty home pages, RTF2HTML conversion of existing documents, and Netscape Gold, but most required some additional tweaking of the ASCII HTML code.

I also put together some Internet search tips for his students, including suggestions about using the computer to browse the net and take notes at the same time.

Pages I launche d for Prof. Deb Aikat's (and my) Electronic Information Sources class

More UNC Web how-to advice

For a more formal approach to plain but functional web pages, see the original HTML Guidelines from the UNC Web Style Guide Committee. (I didn't create these pages, but I was a member of the committee.) If you're at UNC and interested in such things as campus standards and how they come about, you check out the Webwalkers meetings.

Class projects for Paul Jones' Internet and New Media UNC JOMC and INLS courses

Note: The server that originally housed most of these pages, blake.oit.unc.edu, went offline in 1998. The topics and titles are here for historical purposes, and just in case the server is reactivated by its owner.

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