Table Trickery

This layout uses no image files... it is text   and tricks
to show
how to use HTML
  and other codes for layout & design

...spacial and Special   Effects!

(Wish I had more time to be cool myself...)
Since HTML handles text efficiently, tricks like this take less time to "serve" across the Web than GIF or JPEG image files of fancy type fonts, which are very tempting to paper-oriented designers. This page is here to remind them of alternatives...

To see how the table makes this layout possible, make a copy of the HTML code for this page and change the border=0 command near the beginning to border=1, then save load the copied page with your browser's "file|open file" command. For more information see an HTML reference book or tutorial, such as Project Cool on the Web, and the book, Project Cool Guide to HTML  by the same authors.

This page created (with that book open to page 102, and with the addition of some possibly illegal code combinations) by Bob Stepno
15 Sept 1997