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Familiar and unfamiliar faces:
Newspapers, magazines, and
publications born on the Web.

This is a collection of links and comments about the arrival of news (and other) publishing on the World Wide Web. It was originally a 1995 list for discussion by students in what is now UNC's JOMC-50, then stayed around for other visitors. It has grown into a five-part collection of more comments and links than you'll have time to read unless you give up having a life.

Newspapers | Magazines | Born on the Web | Convergence/ManyMedia | Commentary/Discussion


  1. Browse around your favorite kinds of media, find a few sites that interest you, and get a general idea of what they offer.
  2. Read a couple of the articles cited on the commentary page and make yourself an outline of the authors' suggestions for "news" publications online.
  3. Look at a couple of publications from each category to see how well they fit the writers' descriptions, for better or for worse.
                  --- Bob Stepno

If you want to print this for reading offline, you might prefer the one-"page" version. Or, if you just want to bookmark all of the links without my annotations, see the no-comments version.

Index | Newspapers | Magazines | Born on the Web | ManyMedia | Commentary/Discussion
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