COMS 460-01 JPop Notes

Network (1976)

From Wednesday's class (11/29)

First, here's the trailer for Good Night and Good Luck; the full film about Ed Murrow is on reserve at the library, in case you were inspired by Network mentions of Murrow.

The links below are examples of the kinds of resources your research on any film should uncover. While Wikipedia will tell you there was a real on-air suicide in one American newsroom the year Paddy Chayefsky started writing Network, it is about much more than that... just as last week's Nothing But the Truth was not really about Judith Miller.

Paddy Chayefsky being interviewed by Dinah Shore about Network

The "mad as hell" scene.

Reminder: I've collected YouTube links to dozens of other journalism films -- full-length older films and trailers or clips from newer films. See: Bob's YouTube Newspaper Movies Pages.

For contact info, see: Dr. Stepno's Radford University home page.