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Journalism - as career & culture

news quizzes

NYT Who's Who & What's What Quiz

boston media critics Kurtz Media Notes
Washingtonpost: Live Kurtz Monday noon
Washingtonpost: Live Online -- Howard Kurtz
weekly chat sessions with Post's media columnist
Welcome to
wgbh beat the press @ greater boston
Boston Globe - Mark Jurkowitzs

Television - The Television News Photography ... - Main Page
TV news sites for story ideas
Reenactments and fakery on tv news
from "Becoming a Critical Thinker" at - The Newsroom Home Page
JIM LICHTENSTEIN, Managing Editor at CBS/WBBM-TV in Chicago, says he put together as a way to make his life easier by making those around him more self sufficient. Great collection of links by "beat" topic.

rtndf & rtnda

The Future of News -- RTNDF publications
Wired Journalist - Sites (text only-157k)
Reporters' Toolbox: Radio and Television

NewsLab Index
Newslab has a list of Internet resources for journalists, as well as articles and research aimed at improving broadcast news.
Your TV News And Reviews--Your Way--AllYourTV...

about newspapers

The New York Times: NYT Front Page
NYTimes daily Corrections
The Washington Post: How the Newspaper is Org...
The Washington Post: Contact Newsroom
The Washington Post: Bureaus
The Washington Post: News
The Washington Post: About the Newspaper
The Washington Post- newspage vocabulary

press in wartime

free press in wartime-NPR program


Censored 2001: 25 Years of Censored News and the Top Censored Stories of the Year
Secrets of Victory : The Office of Censorship and the American Press and Radio in World War II
Second Front : Censorship and Propaganda in the Gulf War

Fired editor questioned war policy
Armed Forces Information Service: Photo Gallery
The Pew research Center for People and the Press
Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
A Brookings / Harvard Forum: The Role of the Press in the Anti-Terrorism Campaign
Project Censored
Project For Excellence in Journalism
Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press

fiction about journalism Editorial Reviews: Independence DayŠ Editorial Reviews: Sportswriter : AŠ

Career research, jobs, resumes

Employment Sites for tech writers
news in the publishing and writing worlds; extensive news media database with 1000+ links. -- wsj
SCSU Journalism jobs links
Help With Your Resume: The Riley Guide
Great collection of links to books, Web sites, and job resources online.

NPR jobs and internships

Inside NPR: Jobs
National Public Radio's Internship Program

Civic Journalism: 10 tips for rebuilding fram...
IndyMedia, I on the News (
IndyMedia, the alternative press, and online.
Mediabistro -- job board, news, community
MediaWatch from MediaMap
PR firm tracks staff comings and goings in newspaper, magazines and broadcasting
Welcome to Washington Independent Writers
Why we do journalism? WSJ-Sept11
Current Online | News about Public Broadcasting
ACEJMC Homepage - accrediting council
RadioCollege - Resources and Information for ...
Newspaper mottoes.url
The Chicago Headline Club 2.url
The Chicago Headline Club.url
International Journalism Organizations
The Digital Journalist Home.url
The European Journalism Pag.url 2.url - .url - The Jo.url
Journalism Education Associ.url
bLink Magazine resume workshop1
Committee of Concerned Journalists
Bob Woodward: On Reporting
from annenberg cpb series on news writing
Charles Kuralt: On Reporting
from annenberg cpb series on news writing
Tools for getting journalism jobs
Resource page for Detroit Free Press interns has many resources, resume advice and more.
The End of Morse - green eyeshades
When last Morse code commercial message was sent, a green eyeshade was there.
*The Write Jobs -- Job Listings for Journalis...

Journalism issues, organizations, pubs, events

Stories and issues for class discussion

KnightRidder Chocolate Slavery series
NewsWatch- A Consumer's Gui.url
JEP- Where's the Multimedia.url
Online Storytelling Forms -.url
CPJ Press Freedom Online
Committee to protect journalists.
cpj Briefing: Al Jazeera
SAJA: South Asian Journalists Association
Walks like a journalist, talks like a journal...
acronymania note on DOJ denying writer "journalist" status.
Society of Professional Journalists - Current...

Journalism & media organizations

Magazine Publishers of America
National Association of Science Writers

Freedom Forum

Future of journalism gets uncertain forecast
Journalism Education: Welcome
free! The Freedom Forum online. News about free press, free speech and free spirit.
FREE! The Freedom Forum Online. News about free press, free speech, free spirit and journalism issues worldwide.
Who we are: Media Studies Center
Broadcast news business: 'unholy marriage of joŠ

NewsOmbudsman links
Organization of News Ombudsmen
Associated Press Managing Editors
industry news, journalism studies, AP awards, officers, etc.
IRE Resource Center
1,000 tipsheets; 17,000 sample stories!
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Associated Collegiate Press
College division of NSPA; columns on law, publishing, etc. Annual conference in October.
Associated Collegiate Press (higher ed) and National Scholastic Press Association (high schools)

rtndf & rtnda

The Future of News -- RTNDF publications
Wired Journalist - Sites (text only-157k)
Reporters' Toolbox: Radio and Television


FacsNet on Y2K
Reporting Tools
FACSNET: Journalism resources and education

SPJ Online

Quill magazine
the electronic
1999 SPJ National Convention--Indianapolis

SPJ awards

1999 MOE Regional Winners
Region 1

SPJ Chapters Online
Chicago Headline Club
Chicago Headline Club | Forum | The Web UntanglŠ
Surfing the Net on Deadline
St. Louis SPJ Sourcefinder


AEJMC Newspaper Division
aejmc ct&p 1998 abstracts
AEJMCConventions and Meetings
AEJMC Division Links
CT&P Teaching
AEJMC: Communication Technology and Policy

poynter seminars

Poynter Online: Producing, Editing & Designing Online News
Poynter Online: Producing, Editing & Designing Online News
POYNTER ONLINE - Producing, Editing & Designing Online News

FAIR-Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Extra!: The Magazine of FAIR
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting: Media Activism Resources
FAIR ACTION ALERT:re Post Indian Casino story
CounterSpin: The Radio Show of Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

RTNDA € Radio Television News Directors
Publications and membership information.
NATPE : National Association of Television Program Executives
Newspaper Association of America NAA
media news, publication links, employment, vendors; news on advertising, circulation, diversity, electronic publishing, government, trends, stats.
Online Publishers Association- Dedicated to r...
includes major networks, Times, Post, etc.
UNITY: Journalists of Color, Inc.
Associated Press in Massachusetts - Rhode Island
Society of Environmental Journalists
Members of the Committee of Concerned Journalists
Ifra - where publishing lives
newsplex and color quality tech
Deadline Club Home Page
Journalism Forum - The Online Press Club ®
National Press Club
American Press Institute
American Society of Magazine Editors
Magazine Publishers of America
National Conference of Editorial Writers
AFP Engage!.url
AFP - Worldwide News Agency
AFP - Products
Tufts: Murrow Center CommŠs/intelligence/index.sml
Journalism Credibility Project: Executive SummaŠ
Journalism Credibility Project: Why Newspaper CŠ
ONA - CJR, July/August 1999
Welcome to the Knight Foundation

Broadcasting pro sites

Radio information and organizations

Pacifica Image Battle -- Aug.20 2001, Washington Post
Broadcast related sites list at Minuteman
Minuteman Communications-radio remotes
Boston Radio Watch @ The Commons
The Boston Radio Archives
The Boston Radio Archives: Articles and Essays
The Boston Radio Archives: Most popular files
What's New at the Boston and Upstate N.Y. Radio Archives
NorthEast Radio Watch by Scott Fybush
NorthEastRadioWatch archives

Donna Halper @

Page Title
Page Title

BigEye -- NEWS CENTER.url - Main Page.url
Thunder & Lightning News Se.url / audio tips.url / links.url - The Television.url - Headlines.url
Lost Remote Resources.url
You're on the Case -- Disco.url

News chains and groups

New York Times Digital
Lee Enterprises Inc.: publishing, newspapers,...
Northern Midwest and Northwest; newspapers, online etc. Based in Davenport, Iowa. Home of "" award winner.

student press

Trends: Harvard Crimson archive project under fire
Associated Collegiate Press
College division of NSPA; columns on law, publishing, etc. Annual conference in October.
NSPA - National Scholastic Press Association (high schools)
Kincaid v. Gibson case law
Hazelwood Decision (HS) Student Press censorship
public high school administrators allowed to censor stories in school-sponsored student newspaper
Public School Censorship
SPLC REPORT: Spring 1998-Amer U racism allegations
Private Schools and Press Freedom -splc
Student Press Law Center
Kincaid v. Gibson Information/Update Page
College Media Advisers
college media at

Credibility & professionalism

Online News Association - Digital Journalism Credibility and General Journalism Ethics Links
Journalism ethics and credibility link list.
Daily Howler on Barnicle & Imus

Barnicle-Smith Firings at Romenesko

Barnicle controversy at Romenesko 1
Barnicle controversy at Romenesko 2
Barnicle controversy at Romenesko 3

The Long Term View: 1.2 Is press competent?
Mass Law School dean's anthology of articles, including Carl Bernstein and others on competence & skills, public perception, "idiot culture."
ACCURACY IN MEDIA - Right wing criticism
Journalism Credibility Project: Why Newspaper CŠ
Journalism Credibility Project: Executive SummaŠ

Ownership, management & diversity of news media

International Press and Telecommunications Co...
organizations and companies concerned with news collection, distribution and publishing. Associate membership is open to vendors supporting this industry
IPTC Membership-major news orgs-links
Public Radio Management website
AJR NewsLink: State of AmerNewspapers
AFP - Worldwide News Agency
POYNTER ONLINE: Media Diversity Beyond 2000
Pat Scott interview--Pacifica dispute
CJR - Who Owns What, by Aaron Moore

The Elements of Journalism -- Rosentiel & Kovach
Committee of Concerned Journalists site about Kovach & Rosentiel book
Project for Excellence in Journalism
Committee of Concerned Journalists
Harvard's Shorenstein Center on Press & Policy
National Association of Science Writers
Science in society journalism awards, bookstore, mailing lists, members' homepages
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Daily headlines, article archives, amicus briefs, quarterly magazine: The News Media & The Law
Table Talk | News and the Media --discussion forum
Topics include specific recent stories and general issues, such as "The Media/Journalist person I hate the most is..."
Internews: International & Internet news review
Open media issues, and special section on Inetenr
Columnists include Michael Moore, Norman Solomon, Adriana Huffington and others.
NewsLab: TV News research & resources
Courts, elections, money and politics, census, rural issues, electricity and more.
Nieman Foundation --Watchdog journalism
Conference discussions by Nieman fellows on the media role in monitoring the powerful
New York Press Association
Fellowships, internships & scholarships from community newspaper organization.
Editor & Publisher Online Archives
available by subscription fee $100 for individual
SCSU Journalism jobs links
Committee of Concerned Journalists
Committee of Concerned Journalists Issues/Articles
American Society of Magazine Editors
Burned-Out Newspapercreatures Guild's BONG Bull
The Pulitzer Prizes
New England Newspaper Association
NEPA -The New England Press Association
News Monitoring-news ethics & issues
International Center for Journalists (IJNet) Home Page
Columbia Journalism Review
Program: Mass Media and Democratic Discourse


Journalism & Media Reviews & pubs

American Journalism Review 2002
No longer part of, but restoring archives, tools and employment section as of mid-2002
Smarter Times
Believes the Times is complacent, slow and inaccurate; site highlights "errors of fact and of logic."
Your TV News And Reviews--Your Way--AllYourTV...
Media Whores Online-can't get muchmore critical
Includes a "whore of the week" -- A journal of opinion
money & politics, environment, media criticism, history... economic reporting, organized labor
Smarter Times -- NY Times watcher/critic
CounterSpin: The Radio Show of Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Plastic: Media € media discussions at

Journalism reviews - Take on the News
Media Guardian | Broadcast | Kids' broadcaste...
World Newspapers - Home Page
US Newspapers - Home Page
WorldNetDaily -- post critic
US Newspapers - Home Page - Media News
Alternative Media - Home Page from

First Monday: Article Index
Peer reviewed articles about communication, online culture and education.
Columbia Journalism Review
Journalism Forum - The Online Press Club ®
Journalism Jobs, Associations and Other Media Resources
News Mait Job Links
Journalism Links
ONA - CJR, July/August 1999
Featured Author: Ernest HemingwayŠs/intelligence/index.sml
Tufts: Murrow Center Comm
MIT Media-in-Transition Articles
AJR NewsLink
Editor & Publisher Home Page
More magazines about journalism
J. Anthony Lukas, 64, Pulitzer-Winning Author
Repercussions From Flawed News Articles
For a Reporter and a Source, Echoes of Broken PŠ
Chavunduka Interview / by Bill Krueger
Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard UniŠ
[5/23/99] When 'special care' is a locked door
The News & Observer on the Web - A State of NegŠ
America's Best Newspapers - CJR, November/DeceŠ
Internet users still buy newspaper print editioŠ
New Media Storytelling
A look back at a look ahead: How fared predictiŠ
America Online seeks access to party conventions
Soundings - Searchable Data From the Boating NeŠ
The Nation. Unconventional Wisdom Since 1865.
Essential Information
Center For Media Education Home

Media criticism & theory
Phoenix media critic
Boston Globe Jurkowitz
media column
Internews: International & Internet news review
Open media issues, and special section on Inetenr
Media Education Foundation -- critical films about media issues
UMass prof Sut Jhally's organization has taken on sexism at MTV and tobacco advertising, among other things.
Profiles of media-culture scholars, by DSimon
Includes photos mass comm and popular culture theorists, critics and researchers.
Dick Simon's home page--Trash Culture book
Cal Poly English prof on "popular culture and the great tradition"
What's New at FAIR -- media alerts & advisories
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Media Guardian-UK Media review
Columbia Journalism Review
NewsWatch: Views on the News, Links
Theory, discourse analysis, book reviews, social science essays
Media Whores Online
garish spotlight on the relentless screaming heads of television, the babbling paranoids of squawk radio, and the crayon scribblings of lazy print media "columnists."

Media economics

Corporate Journalism
Hoenisch reviews former Chicago Trib editor Squires's book; cites Bagdikian, McChesney, Chomsky
Speakeasy Site Search
Media Education Foundation

media criticism & conspiracies

Project Censored--Top censored stories of the year
Addresses "the failure of the mass media to provide the people with all the information they need to make informed decisions concerning their own lives and in the voting booth." - A Public Interest Journal

Brasscheck-Seldes, Heartfield, McCarthy

George Seldes: Tell the Truth and Run
Heartfield versus Hitler
Heartfield versus Hitler 2
Ken McCarthy - UNCENSORED!

Dominant Ideology & Drugs in the Media - TLC OnŠ
Warren Hinckle on sf papers

Advertising & PR criticism & parody

PR Watch Home Page -- public interest reporting on the publicity industry
Using the net and good old paperback books to fight disinformation. From the Center for Media & Democracy.
Our Cover Article, Brought to You by...
Advertising Criticism
palm pilot ad parodies
False Advertising - A Gallery of Parody

OJR articles

Online Journalism Review

Freedom Forum articles; Katz, apb, more files lawsuit seeking release of judges' records
Jon Katz: We still need journalism online
What's wrong with new media? Same things as old media
Professional Journalism: Welcome
Sensational tabloid, and proud of it
High-tech wizardry doesn't replace journalism skills, AEJMC speakers say

NewsTrolls - News Under the Radar -
NewsTrolls - New Media - How Newspapers Can S...
canadian look at newspaper survival and adaptation
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
Critical Mass: Issue #1
[I N S I D E]
JD Bolter on "Remediation" of old media by new
Media crit at The New York Observer
NY OBSERVER, Off the Record-archives

Media History

Read the Original -- journalism history
Radford U archive of links to original stories from 19th and 20th centuries
Labor Press Project -- media history
Sponsored by the U of Washington Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies; includes bibliography of labor history, especially in the Northwest.
Jeff Pasley's Web Site (18thc historian)
Tyranny of Printers Newspaper politics 18th century
Website for book by Jeffrey L. Pasley
Journalism history links page (jhistory list)
Special Collections at CUNY
includes Sing Sing warden's papers
Linotype history home page
Many equipment photographs; most text is in Italian, but some English.
Hill 1205: Ernie Pyle and Captain Henry T. Waskow €
In-depth look at one Ernie Pyle war column, "The death of Captain Waskow," including text of article. Paper by Mike Sweeney, Utah State.
evolution of the summary lead
Marcus Errico; media history monographs
Women Come to the Front: WWII Journalists
New York State Newspaper Project (microfilm)


Comm History Bibliographies by topic
Booklist for Newspaper Collecting and Newspap...


The Unofficial Daljit Dhaliwal Appreciation Page bio Woodward & Bernstein

George Seldes

George Seldes: Tell the Truth and Run
Writings by Seldes online, and the film by Rick Goldsmith
Media Crit and FOI sites, Seldes archives

Mark Twain

Mark Twain for President - Campaign 2000
Mark Twain quotations
Mark Twain in Sacramento Union - #12
Mark Twain in the Sacramento Daily Union
Etexts: Journalism - Mark Twain Net Links

William Randolph Hearst

libraries, archives & organizations

American Memory -- Front Door
The Media History Project
Historic Newspaper Introductory Catalog
Archival & Manuscript Collections
Welcome to Accessible Archives, Inc.
Journalism Collection
St. Joseph County Public Library Home Page
Collections of the New York State Historical ...
AEJMC History Division
The Museum of Television & Radio: Here you ca...

history bookmark lists & misc

research on periodicals
Old Magazines - Periodyssey - Selling Pre-195...
Paper Collectors' Marketplace Home Page Women In Radio: Donna Halper
Journalism history links
The New York Times Learning Network
New England Old Newspaper Index Project of Ma...
sjsu Prof Andy Wood on Bellamy & more
Media History Monographs
H-Net, Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine
The Early Sound Films of Universal Pictures

Oldest Newspapers

Hartford Courant Corporate Site
The Yale Daily News Online
Oldest Newspaper in America
The Gazette's Remarkable Seniority
08/28/96 - Oldest Newspaper BBS Makes Transition to the Web
The Tech
The Irish Heralds' Irish LINKS
America's Oldest Swedish Newspaper
Mountain Democrat Online


jhistory.96 by date
Jhistory Browser
Jhistory Home Page
H-Net, Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine

Journalism History: Journal

Journalism History Editors - Greenspun School...
Journalism History - Greenspun School of Comm...
Journalism History - review guide.

CivicJ-History and politics

Civic Journalism or Public Journalism... also see Civic Networking bookmarks.

Civic & Public Journalism Orgs


Benton foundation civic j

The Benton Foundation
The Digital Beat Extra
Benton Communications-Related News
Digital Beat Extra: 1/13/2000
Benton Communications-Related News
Benton DigitalBeat 199 Review

Sound Partners: Tools for Change
Bibliography: Public Journalism (Online Resources)
The Public Journalism Effort
CPN Topics - Journalism
Civic Practices Network
CPN - Affiliates
CPN -- Pew Center for Civic Journalism
The Pew Center For Civic Journalism
CPN Topics - Journalism
Civic Practices Network

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting: The National Š
Feature | Who Owns the WTO?
About Corporate Watch
WTO: Third Ministerial Conference, 30, NovemberŠ
Civnet: International Resource for civic educatŠ
Great Documents
Constitution of the United States of America: AŠ
Constitution Search Results home page


Writing & editing (includes grammar, layout)

Some layout links, but Quark and Photoshop are in my VisComm link list.

Narrative journalism 2000 at BU

about words

Comenius English Language Center: Idioms
Wired Style: Biblio File on the screen
Links to various online style guides.
Wired Style: Outtakes & Updates
Vocabula Review -- language newsletter
Take Our Word For It, the weekly word-origin webzine
Take Our Word For It, page one - Spotlight
Take Our Word For It Issue 70
lexicographical discussions
A.Word.A.Day Home Page

Small Town Press
tips, resources, quizzes and info for community newspapers
Writer's Style Guide-CMU
Carnegie Mellon University offers an online style guide based on AP style and local usage.
C-Pen - Stroke of genius pen scanner
QuickPAD Home--infrared keyboard with screen
used in typing classes, but also liked by reporters, according to NY Times.
Journalism Section at Writers Write(R)
Bookmarks collected by beat/topic, including info about journalism-related books.
2000 SDX Awards -- excellence in journalism, examples - Doing Journalism columns - index

Broadcast reporting & writing style

Lost Remote: Converting Scripts to Web
Writing for Radio: The Basics includes basics, styles, newsroom, judgment, glossary and links
Writing for Radio: The Styles: The Network Style -- seven stories in 90 seconds!
National Gallery of the Spoken Word
From Edison's cylinders to Studs Terkel interviews.
The Ombudsman at National Public Radio
Jeffrey Dvorkin's column on ethical issues, content issues, diversity and more.
Current Online | Q&A with Bob Edwards, part 1
Current Online | Q&A with NPR News chief Jeffrey Dvorkin
Current Online | Criticism of NPR newsmagazines
The Necessity of Stories - An Interview with Ira Glass
Pat Scott interview-Pacifica dispute

for editing & newsgathering classes - Doing Journalism columns -- index Slipup Archives
Collection of errors and corrections
boston globe freelancers association
The Independent Weekly: Shu
Journalist Report: Introduction
NEWS INTEREST INDEX DATABASE Stevens: Reporter's Notebook
Yahoo! - News On the Net
Web influence on print journalism design--Wellborn
Gazette Newspapers Reader's Guide--How newspaper works
Emily Sweeney as editorial assistant at Globe

Newswriting & other writing pages

Poynter Online: Nieman Narrative Journalism Conference
Some samples from December 2002 gathering at Harvard with top folks from the world of long-form journalism.
Narrative storytelling example@ newsthinking
Bob Baker's Newsthinking - anecdotal leads
Language Skills for Journalists
PennState online textbook on grammar, punctuation, writing & meaning
Journalism and Research Webring (hacks)
WebRing: journalism
Deuze: Journalism Research in amsterdam / Pulitzer Prize Winner
NYT CyberNavigator
nyu editing E-resources
Maybe It's Your Platitude (
Cyberian Express-JPerkins, jprof
Why? evolution of the summary lead
Marcus Errico; media history monographs
Robert Niles

Writing (see Editing section too)

Washingtonian Online - Writers' Guidelines

Feature Stories

Feature Writing class, University of Miami - The Wall Street Journal InterŠ
Careers WSJ
Curtain Call With Terkel

Pocket Internet Guide for Writers
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Charles Darling @ Hartford c.c.

Writers' organizations - high school journa...
Internet Resources for Technical Communicators
The Official TECHWR-L, the Internet forum for technical communicators
NJ Society of Professional Journalists

poynter events - 2000 Course Schedule - Journalism Education Seminars - W401B Newspaper Writing & Editing - GSTAN Tracking Web Usability: ResŠ

Jobs, careers, scholarships, SPJ

SPJ 2000 in 2000 Membership Program

STC Regional and Chapter Info Home Page
STC-Boston Web Site
National Writers Union Home Page

Editorial newsroom computer systems

Macintosh Documentation, Word tutorials at UNC
Microsoft Word MVP FAQ Site
Microsoft Word experts' newsgroup postings and FAQs
Essential Resources for Word Users
Tech writers' article about Word
QPS Reference Desk

Editing & Layout (see VisComm section too)

Online Editing course from ACES
Uses Blackboard courseware.
Teragram Corporation Editors' Marks Page

Poynter resources for editing
The secret to success in your life and your carŠ
Poynter Institute: What is WED?
Poynter Online: Copy Editing Resource Files

Mindy's resources for copy editors

Web Sites Related to Editing
Words for Copy Editors
Magazine Copy Editing
Reference Books for Copy Editors: Bibliography

US Military editing course

Military Editing course
Military editing-heads
Editors Course
Design Principles
Editing Basics
Basic Journalist Course

Bowles & Borden Editing text

Creative Editing - Chapter 2, Exercise 1
Wadsworth Communication Café
Creative Editing - Index of Online Exercises

Frank Fee's syllabus & tips

Frank Fee editing syllabus OhioU
Frank Fee's accuuracy tips

Editing & language

Small Town Press Spelling tests
Tom Johnson bookmarks re training editors
analytic journalism
Words About Words
Band-Aid Stylebook
Editorial Eye Index
Can You Edit a Direct Quotation?
Newspaper Editing class, University of Miami
American Copy Editors Society
Editing Standards
Document TitleHeads Up!Šsh/jenglishweek1.html
Copydesk Reference page
editing, writing, web, photo links-tobias
The Economist: The style guide
CJR - Resources - Style and Language Slipup Archives from major media
WDVL: About The Text Tool
Why Type on the Web Is So Bad
Dean Tudor's ref list, dictionaries and more

The Slot - Curmudgeon links

THE SLOT: A Spot for Copy Editors
SHARP POINTS: 2000 Things That Piss Me Off

Grammar & Spelling

Mapping The World By Heart: Never-Say-Neverisms
Substance & Style: text by Mary Stoughton
Includes two chapters of course text on editing skills, including grammar and punctuation.
Logophilia: A Web Site for Word Lovers
word of the day, words about words quotations, word prospector.
Comenius English Language Center: Idioms
List of Interactive Quizzes
C Darling's Guide to Grammar and Writing
english lessons, Daily Yomiuri On-Line
Purdue Online Writing Lab
Lynch, Guide to Grammar and Style
Welcome to the English Pages!
Rules of Usage & Composition. Strunk, William, Š
On-Line English Grammar
Spelling Test
Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. The Elements of Style
Rules for Comma Usage
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Charles Darling
when words collide catalogpg
Guide to Grammar and Writing (C.Darling)

Famous writers and genres

BBC Online - writer interviews
Paul Sann Journalism, Letters, Writings
NY Post editor profiled by Pet Hamill
News Writing -- Interviews -cpb
Transcripts of interviews with Kuralt, Woodward, Rooney and others for CPB series on news writing.

SF-Gibson, Sterling, Rucker

Slashdot | True Names
100+ item thread about republication of Vinge's classic, plus essays
Internet World February 1996 -- Vinge
Interview with "True Names" author Vernor Vinge on network future predictions and reality
Readercon 2002 Boston
Science Fiction Conventions WebRing Informati...
Trinoc-coN 2001 - The Premier rtp sf convention
SF-Lovers home page
reference section, conventions, awards, etc.
SF-Lovers - Reference:Awards
Based at Rutgers, covers major SF awards, conventions, etc.
William Gibson
William Gibson (article, Shockwave Rider
J.G. Ballard:
Interesting People (199305): Sterling and Gibson speeches
Bruce and William go to Washington -- reported in 1993 email list
Rudy Rucker's Home Page
Mirrorshades Postmodern Archive

Literary & magazine journalism

jd online-J and more
Travel writing, interviews, online-journalism column, novel.
jeromegroopman, M.D. New Yorker & book
author of "Measure Our Days: A Spiritual Exploration of Illness."
michael specter - new yorker & ny times
malcolm gladwell ... New Yorker
rebecca mead dot com -- New Yorker magazine articles magazine articles, New York and NYT
Book about Bosnian conflict: "Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War," reporter for NY Times, Washington Post; Atlantic, New Yorker and other major magazines
John McPhee Home Page
Jon Franklin at UMd
Gay Talese -- "new journalist"


Ulysses at Bibliomania
Books By Orson Scott Card - Ender's Shadow - ...
ASByatt home page


Seamus Heaney - Cover Page at IPA
Audio files of Personal Helicon, Bogland, Tollund Man, Casualty, Song, Harvest Bow, From Clearances 3-5, From Lightenings 1-6-7-8
Dorothy Parker
Edna St. Vincent Millay

Annie Dillard

Annie Dillard at Wesleyan
Featured Author: Annie Dillard
Annie Dillard Quotations

Software tools for journalists
OJR Tools of the Trade: An Audio Panacea?
OJR Tools of the Trade: Taxonomy Software to ...
OJR Tools of the Trade: Content Management fo...


Media Law: Copyright, fair use, online & off

CMG Worldwide's FAQ on licensing images
Motion picture star and other clients' images; Motion Picture Television Photo Archive; historical and entertainment pix from Mark Twain to Marilyn Monroe
U.S. Copyright Office, Copyright Basics
How-to guide for those claiming copyright.
Digital Free-Lancers Win Again--nat geographic pix
CyberTimes Cyber Law Journal Index
Free Dmitry Sklyarov--adobe e-books and dmca
The Standard: Napster, law issues -- L Lessig columns
Stanford law guru says the online music battle has less to do with paying artists; more to do with innovation.
Intellectual Property Issues @ Negativland
Emerson College Copyright Policy
Fair Use of Copyrighted Works
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Welcome to NegativWorldWideWebland
discussions of sampling, intellectual property, copyright by band Negativland
Copyright on the Web @ ABOUT.COM - What are a Copyright Holders Rights
ContentGuard ...Digital Rights Management
SiteProtector: Copyright Monitoring and Prote...
urban75 vs narconon copycat site--guardian
Design of Urban 75, libertarian site with drug info, is copied by Scientology-backed narconon site.
PDN's PIX - Feature | Desktop Plagiarism
AIP - Home Page
R.I.G.H.T.S.: Redistribution In Graphics Has ...
USII@ Home Page

Digital Millenium Copyright Act

EFF "Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)"...

Copyright, frames & linkage

Next Step: Welcome to Next Step
Linking Copyright to Homepages
TotalNEWS: all the News, on the Net, all the ...
Hyperlinks, Frames and Meta-tags: An Intellec...
Copyright on the Internet

Media law, ethics & sensationalism -- Poynter Ethics Fellows
Individuals Drive Newsroom Ethics
Interactivity and transparency help ethics online
Poynter ethics fellow Martha Stone; online news association web credibility study
Quiz on ethics from
Confidential Sources and shield laws - rcfp
state by state guide, plus privacy protection act, federal vs. state law, hows and whys of reporter's privilege
The Privacy Paradox: Civil Suits -- rcfp
Trends in privacy laws to restrain journalists.
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Dart Center for Journalism & Traumatic Stress
PR Watch Home Page
Investigative reporting on the public relations industry.
Trends: Media Law 101
Brief page on basic student-press issues.
Student Press Law Center
AJR NewsLink on Food Lion case, 1997
Welcome to NegativWorldWideWebland
discussions of sampling, intellectual property, copyright by band Negativland
Ethics and the Internet 2.0: Pervasive Computing in the Digital Age Online seminars - Home page
Brill's Content: Ombudsman on anonymity
Brill's Content: Overkill -- porn allegation & suicide
longtermview journal at mass schol of law
Daily Howler: current articles
The Age of Simulation - technology & truth
Supreme Court to Consider Digital Images
Digital Millenium Copyright Act
social law web site list of links, legislation, powerpoint presentation
Welcome to
Weblog and links-- explores an American legal system that too often turns litigation into a weapon against guilty and innocent alike, erodes individual responsibility, rewards sharp practice,and resists reform U.S. High Court Lets Stand Computer Anti-Porn Law
reuters story on Virginia anti-porn state law
News Media Update story
Kentucky State Yearbook censorship case
Journalism 122: Media Ethics and Law
Journalism 122: Media Ethics and Law Resources
USCA6 Opinion 01a0005p.06
Kincaid - Kentucky student censorship court opinion
Political Writings of George Orwell
Criticism.Com: Links
Mass Media Law Resource Page


Information Ethics Short Course: online
journalists, netiquette, technology, privacy issues; social, legal, health care, business ethincs.
Reenactments and fakery on tv news
from "Becoming a Critical Thinker" at
Computer Ethics -- Deborah G. Johnson
New edition 3/e, 2001 -- 240 page text by Georgia Tech prof.
Yahoo! News and Media:Media Ethics
ACCURACY IN MEDIA - For Fairness, Balance and...
claims: "All the major media surveys for the past 20 years have shown that 80 to 90 percent of the mainstream media consistently vote for Democrats. "
ACCURACY IN MEDIA - For Fairness, Balance and...
Journalism Ethics--SFSU Journalism Dept link list
CJR - Book review - A Good Life, by Ben Bradlee
Ben Bradlee on Watergate coverage - Bibliographies - Media Ethics -...
Ethics in Journalism
RTNDA Codes of Ethics and Standards
Ethics code: Gannett Newspaper Division PrincipŠ
Newspaper codes of ethics
The Public Radio Ethics and Style Guide
Media Ethics page by Mac Slocum
The Sun -- London tabloid
6.805 Ethics in cyberspace MIT
Ethics and Law on the Electronic Frontier
Gannett Newspapers' Ethics Code
Ethics and the Internet
Bibliography: Media Ethics (Online Resources)
Ethics in Journalism
American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) GuiŠ
The Ethics of Online Publishing
The Word on Sponsorships

media law

First Amendment Handbook-RCFP
From Reporters COmmittee for Freedom of the Press
Libel Defense Resource Center
Student Press Law Center
Mass Media Law Resource Page
Media Law Pathfinder--LSU
New York Times v. Sullivan
The Free Speech Website
Schenck: Annotated
Intellectualcapital 12/23/99: Kaminer: The End Š

censorship, propaganda

World War II Posters: Powers of Persuasion
Norman Rockwell illustrates FDR's "Four Freedoms" speech in government posters.
Index on Censorship - The international magaz...
The Student Press Law Center
Student Press Law Center Legal Newswriting InteŠ
Kincaid v. Gibson Information/Update Page
Banned Books On-Line
Political Writings of George Orwell

Media Law and the Internet

The Internet Lawyer € legal and fact-finder links
WebmasterBase - Copyright For The Webmaster
Quick overview; don't skip the "How do I avoid getting into trouble?" continuation at the bottom of the page.
Reno v. ACLU Decision (June 26, 1997)
Declaring the Communication Decency Act unconstitutional "The CDA lacks the precision that the First Amendment requires when a statute regulates the content of speech."
Eben Moglen @ Columbia, Free Software Foundation
Law professor with computer industry background, links to his "The Encription Wars," FSF and GPL articles
Electronic Privacy Information Center
keystroke monitors, surveillance systems and more
Peacefire -- online rights for teens and kids
Civil liberties organization investigates "net nanny" style blocking programs. | Cyber slammed free speech and cyber bullies
How Is Libel Different in Cyberspace? NYT article
[INSIDE] Utah high school student online libel case
Student was jailed for seven days. Utah Supreme Court to hear case. version; also at NBC site.
Studentąs site tests criminal libel law msnbc Aug2001
C Y B E R C R I M E Cybercrime federal info site at DOJ
Computer crime, intellectual property crime, legal and policy issues, press releases, etc.

porn and censorship online

Filters Used to Shield Minors Censor Speech -nyt
net-nanny-like softare blocks more than intended; regulating internet content
Reno v. ACLU re CDC - Supreme Court 6/6/97
Supreme Court case 76-511; 117 S. Ct 2329
HotWired: JournoPorn: The Shoddy Article

Link Law - Mark Sableman paper,
Includes trademark, copyright, competition and libel issues.
How Is Libel Different in Cyberspace? nyt 811 01
Freelancers Win in Case of Work Kept in Databases
SCOTUS story in Times 6/25/01
FindLaw Legal News--online freelancer copyrights
davenetics* | User Agreement
This "agreement" page seems long and legalistic -- especially for an e-mail list and weblog-style site. But the site allows readers to publish story summaries to the list.
NYT Cyber Law Journal: Cool Sites for 2001
Times' weekly law-related feature includes annual surveys, with link lists; this one also has links to the previous two.
Saundra Kae Rubel's Cybrary of Helpful Resour...
Info on usability, law and design issues, including accessibility by a former N.C. law librarian, now "Mgr. of Communication, Documentation & Web Law Compliance for the largest Telecom company" Online seminars - Home page